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Online trial enrollment for overseas

Why does Nihon Manga Juku have achievement results?

What kind of instructors are teaching? Experience-based enrollment will solve your questions. You don't need to have manga drawing experiences. Age, gender or professional skills are not necessary to identified. First of all, please feel free to come and visit the online trial enrollment of Manga Juku♪

Online experience enrollment for overseas students Flow of participation

  1. Apply from the form at the bottom of the page.
  2. You will receive an email from Nihon Manga Juku.
    * The participation reception email contains the invitation URL of the conference application [ZOOM], used for online trial enrollment, and how to open ZOOM. If you have any questions, please contact Nihon Manga Juku at any time.
  3. Follow the procedure in the email and click the URL to enter the ZOOM waiting room by 18:00 on the day.
  4. Enjoy online trial enrollment!

School schedule for the day

Trial enrollment is done using the conference app [ZOOM]. (non- charged, no account registration required.)

(local time)
Online school
information session
  • When the start time comes, click the participation URL of the conference application [ZOOM] to join! (* URL and entry method will be sent by email)
  • School explanation (guidance policy, class content, application guidelines, etc.)
  • Greetings from advisors, introduction of instructor's, explanation of practical lesson tasks.
(local time)
Online trial lesson
  • Professional manga artists will provide practical guidance tailored to your level.
  • If you send the completed assignment as data, it will be returned by e-mail or mail with the comments of the instructor who is in charge.
  • Consultation with the instructor in charge about creative problems and Manga Juku, etc.

Contents of online trial enrollment

We have prepared all three tasks that make the most of our online strengths. If you clear all the tasks, you will learn the basics of how to draw a character. You can participate in the trial enrollment as many times as you like.

Let’s draw a face!

① Let’s draw a face!

Let's draw the character's face while balancing using "Atari"

Instructor in charge

Masahiro Iwasawa

Full-time instructor・Manga artist

Masahiro Iwasawa

Subject in charge:
Creation / Direction / Character

Born in Kanagawa Kawasaki-shi, Entered as a second-year manga school student.
While attending school, he was supported by a manga editor and made his debut with his graduation work "Let's play baseball!"(「野球しようよ! 」) His other manga works “"Let's play baseball!” (「野球しようぜ!」)"Let's play more baseball!” (「もっと野球しようぜ!」) are serialized at Akita Shoten Monthly Champion, the well-known manga magazine, (25 volumes in total). Currently teaching manga as an instructor while creating manga.

Let’s draw a body!

② Let’s draw a body!

Even beginners can easily draw humans if the ratio of the body is known! Let's draw a character using the "Atari" method that professionals also use!

Instructor in charge

Yukari Uehara

Full-time instructor・Manga artist・Illustrator

Yukari Uehara

Subject in charge:
“Shiage,” Finishing process・skills in Manga/Illustrations

Born in Nagasaki Chino-shi, Entered as a third-year manga school student.
Started an assistant of professional manga artist, Yoko Nihonbashi, in 2007 and is still continuing. Since 2012, as a freelance illustrator, she has continued to create mainly illustrations and manga for web contents and corporate promotion, and she is currently a manga director and an instructor in Manga Juku.

Design a magic school uniform!

③ Design a magic school uniform!

Let's put on the original magic school uniform for the character! Even beginners can understand the tips to bring out the "likeness" of fashion and characters!

Instructor in charge

Yasuo Matsumoto

Full-time instructor・Manga artist

Yasuo Matsumoto

Subject in charge:
“Shiage,” Finishing process・skills in Manga/Background creation

Born in Miyazaki Miyakonojo-shi.
Debuted as a manga artist after working as an assistant to a professional manga artist, Yasuyuki Kunitomo, in 1986. After his debut, he worked as an assistant for many manga artists such as Hideo Yamamoto and Tetsuya Koshiba, and he is an instructor of manga creation/direction and teaching in Manga Juku.

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